assembly .

did something amazing today! i built a set of drawers. the sense of accomplishment i’m feeling is rather breathtaking, actually. i’m extremely pleased with myself. now only six doors and two bookshelves to go. wowee.

it might not be a big deal for you; assembling a piece of furniture. but it’s a big deal to me. i’m a lazy city girl who’s hoobies are like, shopping. i’ve never assembled anything more than my shoe straps in my life. and a piece of furniture is a pretty big deal.

okay, so maybe it was from ikea. maybe it had instructions. maybe everything i needed was already in the box. but it doesn’t matter; it was all a bunch of painted wood and i put it together!

and to top it all off, i love ikea. i love the fact that you can go in and get cardboard boxes, and everything is self service and you need to build it all by yourself. no wonder the founder is the richest man in the world; it’s such an amazing and cheap idea.

honestly, if i can build furniture, so can anyone else. even though all the different screws look the same on the pictures, i still managed. i’m very excited about my upcoming self-built bookshelf with drawers and cupboard doors and add ons.

i’ll leave you with some pictures of my accomplishment.

    • Garmon
    • February 20th, 2009

    bright red, i like it
    and i rofled when i read hoobies.
    maybe because it sounds like another word
    or maybe its just late and im a bit retarded

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