back to the future .

i have returned to a world of unblocked and fast internet! and oh, what a wonder it is. i am now able to view articles about communism, sex and porn all from the comfort of my own computer, without using a proxy server and without the danger of a government putting me in jail. i feel so free.

i have also returned to my shoes on the balcony and my books in the toilet. all courtesy of my sweet and loving mother. but this is no time to complain; it is time to rejoice! life as i know it is back, and here to stay.

there’s a weird noise coming from outside my window though; i don’t remember sydney being this noisy. compared to shanghai i always figured it was extremely quiet.

i learnt something in shanghai. i learnt that i am, or was, allergic to tomatoes. apparently, when i ate tomatoes as a child, i would swell up, ironically, just like a tomato. i’ve never heard of this before since neither of my parents have ever told me, but it seems like all my relatives know it for a fact. i thought that was pretty weird. and then my mother told me that i should eat more tomatoes. i think it’s a conspiracy.

anyway, i’m rather jetlagged and i haven’t slept yet. i’m also hungry, even though i’ve eaten.

i’ll fix up my blog and the rest of my life that’s out of place tomorrow. or maybe the next day. or next week. but i know that eventually it will go back to normal.

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