the unhappy camper .

OHMYGOD i can blog!!

it’s extremely dodgy and most of my page isn’t even loading, but the important thing is that the box i write in is still here, and god am i thrilled. man have i missed rambling about my pathetic thoughts on my own little web space.

i’ve got to hand it to the asians though; they sure know how to invent things.

but now, on to blogging.

so i’m sick. not like i’ve sneezed a couple of times and need some rest kind of sick. more like the take me to the hospital so i can get a drip stuck in my hand kind of sick. i didn’t, so don’t get worried just yet, but i might as well have.

the hospitals here are horrific. i know the americans and australians and whoever whine about their health care and their lack of fundamentals, but those people should get stuck in a chinese hospital. i have it good too, since i’m in a big city and all, but honestly, it’s horrible. when my aunt told me she wanted me on the drip, i imagined hospital bed, white sheets and some kind of pulsating machine next to me. i was confronted by the reality of about four dozen chairs squished into a tiny room with metal stands stuck into yellowy people who were trying to look at anything but their fellow patients. there was no way i could have had that drip.

actually, i don’t know though; my experiences with the western hospitals aren’t that great either. i’ve been to visit a friend that had an eating disorder, and also to see a couple that got married in a hospital while on work experience, but as far as treatment goes i remember there was this time i had a fever when i was seven years old, and the nurse told my parents i was too hot and i needed to take my clothes off. now if you compare that to the experience i’ve had in chinese hospitals (where i have visited my dying grandfather once upon a time), i’m not sure if i can say either is better.

i guess i now understand those people that campaign for better health care. i would never have given it a second thought because i don’t plan on curing anything i have any time soon, but maybe the point is that the people who do want help can recieve it. or maybe it’s just a place people that want to complain about the under efficient government emphasise, because it will always be an issue that no one can solve.

either way, i’ve been swayed. along with my other stupid beliefs, this will be added to the list of things i will (one day) campaign for. or at least write long whiny blog entries about.

    • Garmon
    • February 2nd, 2009

    sounds like on paedophilic nurse…
    japan has awesome health
    serious the surgeon mask is so helpful in preventing colds from spreading

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