possibilities .

i’m sitting at hong kong airport, blogging on my shiny new black viao courtesy of their free wi-fi internet. it’s exciting, kind of.

ironically, the chinese government’s firewall has blocked out my blog, which means i can’t access it while i’m in shanghai. i’m hoping that windows live writer will solve the problem.

hong kong is the most amazing place. the shopping here is fantastic, and i’ve heard that it’s because of the lack of tax that it’s so cheap. yay for free trading governments.

i’m tired though, and my new laptop’s battery dies in about 20 minutes, which means i should probably get going. just popping in to say hi, and that i miss you all, and that hopefully i should still be able to blog from now on. and if not, i just wasn’t clever enough.

maybe some clever asians somewhere have invented a way to get through the block. they invent everything else so why not this one?

    • Garmon
    • January 15th, 2009

    if you can baidu the answer, then you’re set

  1. hey lizii! long time no see.

    i hope you had a good trip & it is too ironic that your blog was blocked…

    • Firerocket
    • January 30th, 2009

    I live in Hong Kong!!
    And yes, it is pretty damn amazing. Hahah

    • tangjuicestacy
    • February 3rd, 2009

    i love hong kong.
    i really enjoy the whole atmosphere there, though i can do without the humidity and stickiness.
    and yes the shopping is amazing!

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