the season to be jolly .

soundtrack: the sound of home // thoughts: of christmas

haven’t blogged for a few days. i guess i broke my every day streak.

i haven’t been at home though, so it’s not really my fault.

it’s christmas day on thursday. it doesn’t feel like christmas, even though i’ve done a lot of shopping, bought presents, wrapped them and tied pretty ribbons on them. the decorations everywhere and the santas walking around don’t really affect me. our christmas tree isn’t up, and it doesn’t look like it’s going up. i guess it’s about time i grew up and got over it all. only took about eighteen years.

i’ve realised that every year our christmas tree goes up later and later. when i was younger, i’d put up the christmas tree when the christmas decorations in shopping centres started going up; and that’s like late october. we’d take it down in mid january, and look forward to the next festive season.

last year our christmas tree stayed up until july, before my mum got sick of it collecting dust and finally lugged it down to the garage. i’m not sure if it’s laziness, or a lack of enthusiasm, but i guess we won’t have that problem this year; we’re not celebrating christmas at all.

not that i mind. we’re not christian, and we’re not really into buying each other presents. there’s not much you can say about my family, really. even though i believe that a family’s bonds are stronger than most others, i can’t really say so for my own. blame my mother for that.

i see those big families gathering together, exchanging presents, gossiping and laughing. but don’t be mistaken; i have that too. it’s no big deal that i don’t have it in my own house. i don’t suffer from a lack of love, or a lack of belonging. i am perfectly content with my life.


even if santa doesn’t bring me the city view apartment i wanted this year. i will be happy.

    • Garmon
    • December 22nd, 2008

    ill tell you a little story
    three years ago i wanted christmas but no one else in my whole extended family were doing anything
    my christmas spirit was struck down
    i talked to francis about he and he asked me to join his festive christmas gatherings
    i happily accept and since three years ago ive been celebrating ‘christmas with the virays’
    christmas isnt something you should only share with your family
    but with all your loved ones =]

  1. what a touching story garmon =)

    mm yeah i dont think you really need to b christian to celebrate xmas to the max.. u and everyone around u just hav to b up for it =) for me.. my parents are always busy.. i dont remember the last time we had a full family outing/gathering.. apart from late nite dinners of course XD
    sometimes i feel my family connections r just screwed..

    oh wells.. a late merry christmas from hk =)

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