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so, what is there to say about my UAI…

happy? in a way. the number is more or less as predicted. not hoped for, but predicted.

i’m not on speaking terms with my dad at the moment. funnily enough, it’s not because he thought my UAI wasn’t good enough. he was fine with it, actually. not because it was good, more because it wasn’t bad.

i’m not talking to him because he told my mum what i got, and everything i told him, and i don’t want that bitch to know anything. but he doesn’t understand.

to him, a mark your child receives is meant to be broadcasted. he doesn’t realise that i don’t want anyone to know, even though i’m borderline content. he doesn’t understand why i’m angry that he told my mum. he told me it’s normal for a parent to want to know these things about their child.

i didn’t tell him what i know: that she’s going to go around to all my family friends and tell them with that sarcastic and bitchy tone in her voice, how much of a failure her daughter is. and so he continues to not understand.

could this be due to his background and culture? honestly, is this the way of the chinese people? do they really treasure the bonds of a family, even if one person is fucked up and retarded and causes problems and emotional trauma?

okay, slight exaggeration. but you probably don’t realise how slight.

and i am angry. i don’t know if it’s because he doesn’t understand, or just because she knows. probably mostly the latter. but it doesn’t matter. not happy. not happy at all.

  1. i know how you feel =/

    • Garmon
    • December 19th, 2008

    im not sure
    but that happens alot to me to
    sometimes i fuck up at the shop and my uncle feels he always has to tell my mum and my grandad who gives me shit about it
    same if i do that at home
    i dunno if they feel they have to
    or they’ve got nothing to talk about except us kids

    • Nicole
    • December 19th, 2008

    “to him, a mark your child receives is meant to be broadcasted.”

    I know how you feel. My mum is going around telling everybody, even though I asked her not to because they’ll gossip =/ And then she comes back to me and relays everyone else’s marks that she’s managed to weedle out of their parents. It’s terrible.

    • freddiescoffeebar
    • December 20th, 2008

    Whats UAI?

    • jwang
    • December 20th, 2008

    LOL my mum is too embarrased so she avoids telling them my actual UAI but instead tells them that i dont have to change my preferences
    so it sounds better

  2. it’s a number that more or less determines what you do in university.

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