judgement day .

 soundtrack: nikki flores; let it slide // thoughts: of today and tomorrow

sick today, so i stayed home. spent the whole afternoon online putting my gallery up. you can now view the photos of my coffs trip here. and there’s also a couple of links to my gallery, one on the sidebar and one that you can’t really see at the top. yay!

my older photos are still linked to my msn space though. please tell me if the links do not work for you; i’ve been having some technical difficulties with stupid windows live spaces. i’ve decided to keep it for now because at the moment i’m too cheap to purchase the wordpress space upgrade, and i’m still on 3gb. in consideration of my future photos, i have decided to leave some space.

so anyway, guess what’s happening in a couple of days?




i actually haven’t thought about it that much; the only times i’ve thought about my UAI and hsc since the hsc finished have been because someone has broached the topic with me. recently, this has happened excessively, and as two people are chatting to me about it right now, i figured i’d write about it.

i think time has lessened the impact and importance of the hsc. right now i don’t feel anticipation, excitement, apprehension, or anything for that matter. maybe in a few days i will, but right now it’s just a number. it didn’t feel like this in october; in october this number felt like the end of the world. it’s true what they say, that time heals everything. i’ve come across this concept twice in the past few months, and each time i hesitated to believe it was true, but eventually accepted it as a fact.

i STILL have to change my uac preferences, because i’ve been rather lazy and possibly subconsciously avoiding the subject. i’m going to delete my all figured out page, because i didn’t have it all figured out after all.

and i’ve decided to just take it as it comes.

but really, what else can i do?

  1. i am quite scared of that day.

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