dear diary .

 soundtrack: the same old, same old // thoughts: of a diary

dear diary. today i got beeped at by two cars. i slept for 4 hours when i got home, consequently waking up at 10pm. i have an interview tomorrow morning which i’m completely unprepared for. i still need to change my UAC preferences because i think i’m going to fail my hsc. life is fantastic.

i haven’t written the words ‘dear diary’ in a very long time. when i was younger, i kept books upon books of diary entries which were eventually neglected for more interesting things. all the notebooks i’ve ever owned have had diary entries in them. that is, until i got older and started ripping them all out. these days, technology is the real solution.

i went through this period of time where i hated everything from my childhood. i was incredibly destructive, which has resulted in a very small amount of memorability from before i was 14 years of age. however, once in a while i still come across a hidden notebook with a few diary entries. surprisingly, or maybe not, they’re full of anger and hate and bad handwriting. some are about situations i remember, and others not so much. reminding oneself of anger in one’s childhood is actually a terrible thing. i have come to realise that i have always disliked my mother; this isn’t an angsty teenage rebellion tradition.

right now i dislike my mother because she ate my favourite potato snacks while i was away. bitch. this means that she actually came into my room and picked it up and ate it. that woman has no control. no wonder she’s so fat. okay, not really, but still.

now that i’m back, i realised i didn’t miss most of the things my friends missed. my friends missed their families and their creature comforts, like air conditioning and clean sheets. i missed my bathroom, my laptop, my blog and my boyfriend. they’re my favourite things in the world.

never once did i even consider missing my family.

  1. I guilt-trip on not missing my family when I miss a lot of other things a lot too. I dunno. Mebbe it’s cause no matter how much objective we can be about it, there’s that feeling that…welll since they were there from the start, they’d be there forever.

    Whoops, rambling. Sorry.

  2. i did the same things with my diaries too!

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