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soundtrack: the sound of home // thoughts: about being right here, right now

i’m back! and god, does it feel weird.

a couple of things have changed; christmas decorations are everywhere, my room smells kind of funny and the new wordpress dashboard was instated when i was away. it has all come as a huge shock to me, really. after all, i was only gone for seven days.

so how was my trip? i would have to say that it opened my eyes to many new things.

tolerance, i think, was the major one. although i consider myself to be an extremely tolerant person, i must say that i’ve learnt new meanings to that word.

i’ve learnt how to cook (kind of), and how to clean (which i think everyone knows, deep inside them, and just need a trigger for it to get started), and how to get so drunk you throw up. but it’s not like that wasn’t going to happen anyway. vodka plus giggly girls plus guys next door that you’ll never see again makes a funny combination.

the most fantastic thing is that we were a two minute walk from the beach. less, maybe. this resulted in beaching every day, twice a day, sometimes at the crack of dawn or at midnight. when you get away from the city, it’s amazing to look at the sky and see it covered with stars. having lived in shanghai and sydney my whole life, i have never seen such a sight, and i really wish i could bring it back to show you, but it was impossible to capture with our cameras, and so it must linger in my memory and descriptions.

the worst thing about my stay in coffs, by far, were the insects. i never want to see a fucking insect in my life ever again. you can not imagine what it’s like in a house full of girls. we scream every time we see a creepy crawley, and although we chase them around with our shoes and throw bottles at them, their inevitable return has scarred many of us. i am extremely glad to be back in my house with my fly screens. in fact, i think the amount of mosquito bites i have accumulated over the past few days exceeds the total that i have had in my life. and that includes that time i got eighteen on each hand and a row down my back. fuck.

okay, well to keep this blog short, and not have to recount my whole trip, i’ll leave it there. i’ll upload photos soon. there are a lot of things i need to take care of.

    • jwang
    • December 9th, 2008

    it was fucking awesome
    like vomit on the beach =P

    • jwang
    • December 10th, 2008

    snow is cool btw =D

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