going, going, gone .

soundtrack: nothing really // thoughts: of a journey

i’m going away! i’ll be back in 7 days, on the 9th of december, with lots of photos and stories. the excitement just wore off, probably because i’ve finished packing. i can’t believe it’s december already. furthermore, i can’t believe it is the december, the end, of my high school life.

i still haven’t been bored so far, which is a good sign. i have a feeling that things are going to slow down soon, though, especially after coffs. but i’m going to enjoy this while i can. the good stuff is all gone though; formal, post-hsc parties, post-hsc relief.

so what now?

i still remember that line, at the end of pleasantville. even though it wasn’t an immensly enjoyable movie, it provoked a lot of thought. and yes, i am the type of person that thinks about texts even if they don’t need to be thought about for english. it showed that the predictable and the constant and the stable weren’t necessarily good, and once in a while we need to experience something unpredictable, wild and inexplicable; life.

so it should be exciting, right?

i think our coffs trip will be exciting. it’s going to be a bunch of girls in an unfamiliar place, hoping not to spend too much money, but trying to have a great time along the way. we’ll actually be COOKING, and co-operating, and like, doing chores and stuff. even though i think we’ll get sick of each other, and even though i realise there will be disagreements, discontent and bitching, i believe it will be a fantastic experience for us all.

so i’m leaving on a very positive note, even though i’ll probably be half asleep when i board that train tomorrow morning.

here’s to a week of no restrictions but money… and the law…

i’ll miss you all.

    • darkcloudv2
    • December 2nd, 2008

    my heart is pounding with joy and heartfelt
    and i think you know very well why that is

    enjoy your time at coffs
    dont get sick and dont break anything (bones, dishes or otherwise)
    hf and gl

    …to the kitchen(mobile)!

  1. hav funn~ i won’t see u for a very long time now XD

    yeah u better come back with some nice cooking skills and start cooking for us =)

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