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soundtrack: click, click // thoughts: of realisations

have you ever come to a realisation, after a very long time of someone telling you something, that they were right? like, you never believed them, until something happens or something clicks, and then you realise they had it all along; you just never saw it.

not that you’d admit it, of course, but inwardly, you would know.

the feeling of being wrong is weird, and i don’t mean that in a conceited way at all. no one believes in something that is wrong, so therefore everyone believes they have the truth. unless you’re continually proved wrong, being wrong is a deflating and surprising feeling that you would usually not like to occur.

i’m not talking about hoping the aliens aren’t invading earth, or hoping the meteorologists calculated the path of the asteriod wrong; just a normal type of wrong, the ones you don’t expect.

am i making any sense? it’s pretty late here, so it’s possible that i’ve stumbled into incoherency.

obviously, there are things people would like to be wrong about, like if you think your significant other is cheating on you, or if you think you’re out of tim tams. but you don’t like being wrong about facts and beliefs. these include things like a maths forumla and the belief and trust in god; you don’t want to believe he exists and get proven wrong one day. not that i’m saying this will happen. i’m just saying, if you think something is true, realising it isn’t can be rather painful at times.

i think i’m going in circles.

i think i’m going to sleep.

    • darkcloudv2
    • November 29th, 2008

    truth is can usually justified
    belief is a different concept
    and i literally did go in circles today
    and i think im going to sleep too.

    • jwang
    • November 30th, 2008

    YAY coffs!!!!!!!!!!

    • darkcloudv2
    • December 1st, 2008

    thats pretty ironic
    considering im sick with a hearty cough

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