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soundtrack: j randall; don’t go // thoughts: of mysterious people

two random people asked me about my hsc today; the first was the lady at campsie charcoal chicken, and the second was a man sitting behind me on the bus. they both wished me good luck for the future as i got up to walk away, to eat my chicken and to get off the bus, respectively.

the man sitting behind me on the bus is (apparently) someone who has taken my morning bus for years. years as in, since i started taking the bus to school in year 7. basically he’s watched me grow up, which is kind of scary. i wonder how many other people there are in the world like that? i know for a fact that jeremy is one of them. shocking, isn’t it?

i can’t really imagine what it’s like to see a stranger every single day of my life; it becomes something that’s expected, a normality, and because you don’t know them, you can only wonder. i think it also takes seeing a person every single day of your life to be able to notice them that way, especially if they’re rather insignificant and unspectacular.

i remember i used to see these two women on my bus everyday for a few years. they stopped catching the bus together eventually. at the beginning, they’d always sit together and chat, and i’d look at them, analysing the way they dressed and the way they talked. i thought rather rude things about them, so i won’t share them here. around year 9, the bus started getting full every morning, and one of them women would always race to find a seat. as there weren’t many seats on the bus, the other woman would have to stand, and they would be separated. i remember disliking the first woman because she’d always take the available seats at the front, and never stood up for the old people even though she wasn’t old at all. bus etiquette comes to you after a few years of standing. i’d also glare at the people who refused to move back, but i don’t think it ever did anything.

never once did i consider that those two women could have noticed me, and never once did i realise that someone was watching me like i had been watching those two women; day in and day out, as if they were a regular part of my life.

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    • November 27th, 2008

    it’s because you follow a schedule that your life is like this
    you see the same familiar strangers day after day
    and i suppose its kind of weird to watch someone grow up
    but since i started working at my uncles store, ive met most of the people around the lidcombe area
    i dont think they notice how you grow up
    they just see you as the person they would expect to see entering the store
    just like when you get on the bus, you’ll search for the regulars and once you’ve confirmed they are there, you’ll begin to ponder abuot other stuff

  1. thats real, we are all connected. Some people don’t think that deep though, some are simply focused on themselves and don’t notice the world around them. I notice some people and im sure there are others i don’t, and im sure some notice me and others don’t. There is some sort of universal balance to this but i don’t think its strange that a stranger watches you grow, i think what we simply see if life.

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