a lack of depth .

soundtrack: the pouring rain // thoughts: are rather shallow

i’m tired. post hsc has been a lot busier than i thought it would be. which is good, considering the amount of people that have been complaining about being bored. i don’t think i’ve been bored so far, and if i have, i can’t remember it because my memory has been filled with a lot of other stuff. yay for me.

tech formal was last night. it was alright; a bit dark, i think, especially in the beginning when i wanted to be able to see. my lack of knowledge of mainstream music left me off the dance floor until the classics at the end, which i’ve noticed are played literally every time there is a dance of some sort. i wonder what our formal music will be like.

i think i’m actually going to bus it, by the way. unless it’s pouring, like it is right now, i don’t see anything wrong with taking the bus. apart from the fact that i’m going to have to walk to the bus stop in the cold. my shoes aren’t painful, even though they’re pretty high. let’s hope they won’t be by the end of the night. that happened to a lot of people last night, and i just don’t get it. sure, it’s great to look tall. sure, looking tall could make you hotter. but how hot can you be if you’re limping and walking like a retard everywhere? i don’t understand. and also, if you’re in pain; is it really worth it?

which leads me to the question of whether beauty is worth the pain. we’ve always known that beauty is in the eye of the observer, so to be good looking someone needs to think you’re good looking (and by that, i mean someone other than yourself). so you make yourself look good, and tall, by putting yourself in pain, right?

i shudder, but also marvel, at the might of these women and their pursuit of beauty. it’s really a very difficult feat, and for it to be accomplished many go through pain, sometimes even cutting themselves open. it’s frightening, really. however, it’s not that i’m against plastic surgery; i believe that if you want something enough, and you can get it, why not. it’s also not that i’m against the view that women should be beautiful, because even though the angry feminists hate it, everyone tries hard to be good looking, and for me to agree with the angry feminists i’d have to be very hypocritical.

it’s really just me, wondering how much the effort is worth.

    • Garmon
    • November 20th, 2008

    people get lonely

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