you .

(stolen from francis who stole it from someone else) (do not be offended if you’re not mentioned, or you do not think you have been mentioned. this post can’t go on forever) (do not be offended by the contents of this post, or by who you think is yourself; there is a high chance that it may not be) (every paragraph is ONE PERSON ONLY. if you think you’re more than one of the paragraphs, you’re wrong. don’t flatter yourself) (don’t ask me which one you are, i will not tell you. most likely because i don’t want to offend you)

you are yesterday, today and tomorrow; you are the reason time slips away. you are a little too indifferent, a little too apathetic, and a little too closed off. you are not what i wish you were, not what i want you to be, not better, not worse, just not.

you think too much, know too much, and feel too much. you care too much about those that don’t matter, care too much about those that are different; care too much about what people think, what they do, what they feel. you don’t realise that it doesn’t really matter.

you don’t really want to go out with me; you just think you do.

you stand too firmly in your position, and i’m not sure whether it’s because you want to be there, or if it’s because you are too scared to move.

you are too scared to move. i know you try, and i know you want to, but you don’t. you need a catalyst.

you could have been my best friend, but you fell, and now you are trying to understand and trying to make me understand. but you don’t realise that i’m not any good for you.

you are inexplicable in a few short sentences. you are passionate, yet apathetic. you are new and interesting, yet repetitive. you want to fit in, yet stand out. but you realise that you can’t have it all.

you need the ability to put your mind before your feelings and your heart.

you need an opinion of your own, rather than the opinions of others. you also need the ability to override what’s accepted, what’s normal, and become real.

you are the one i wish was here for me.

  1. NAWICE my stolen thing is catching on gw =)

    nice blog 🙂

    • darkcloudv2
    • November 16th, 2008

    your descriptions are too transparent meaning there is no way anyone who reads this that is a part of your life will be able to know which is directed at them.

    or maybe they can and i’m just not thinking “Where’s Wally?” enough

    • jwang
    • November 17th, 2008

    hey thats mad
    i think im in there but i wont say which coz i dont wanna offend myself


    • TW
    • November 18th, 2008

    I will flatter myself and assume they’re all about me.

    Now aside from the delusion: what a somewhat cryptic entry.

  2. Hm, this is a pretty interesting post. I know many people who fall under quite a number of those descriptions.

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