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this post is targetted at AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, and anyone that supported amnesty in their stupid GREAT FIREWALL OF CHINA campaign that i’ve already bitched about. especially the ones that blindly followed the shit they were pouring out, like i have said in aforementioned article.

first of all FUCK YOU. i hope you’re all reading this, even though you probably won’t. second of all, guess what our wonderful aussie government is doing? CENSORING (if this page doesn’t work it means the government deleted this site). funny, hey? people aren’t happy, but they want it to happen. and yes, it does put them in the same league as china, cuba and countries like that.

SO THERE. don’t give me your shit about the great firewall of china. don’t give me your shit about how a search on chinese google doesn’t return shit all, because it’s not about freedom of speech, it’s about YOU picking on a country you don’t like.

i know that there has been widespread outrage about this censorship thing, and i know that there are people against it; aussie people who’s protest might make a difference. i predict that anyone who supports amnesty will tell me that the protest of the chinese people won’t make a difference because they lack of freedom of speech. but you know what? it doesn’t make a difference. in china, the government is stronger than the people, yes. in australia, the government is “chosen” by the people (i could rant about this, but for the sake of simplicity, let’s pretend this is true). the government may not be able to do much about it if people protest, you may say. but are you forgetting every government’s control of the media? and are you realising that the media is basically the only way you know things? when the vast and resourceful internet gets censored, there is NOTHING to know. that is why there is absolutely no difference between china’s censorship and what may happen to us.

i also predict that someone else is going to argue about aussie censorship of “dodgy” sites like porn and gambling pages. big deal, right? not really. if you’re so intent on freedom of speech, freedom of the individual, and freedom from firewalls, why can’t people have their porn and gambling sites? isn’t it their right? if it’s avaliable, and if you want it, and if you can get it, why should the government stop it?

i’m not going to go so far as to put porn in the same category as politics, but more or less, there isn’t a big difference to how much you can censor. you’re restricting the same rights, and politics is really a load of bullshit anyway. a bigger problem is that we’re SUPPOSED to be a DEMOCRACY. we’re proud of our democratic-ness, and we look down upon those communist countries because the people that live there don’t share our freedom and our prosperity. communist governments are, admittedly, different to us, and even though i can’t say their censorship is completely acceptable, it’s more acceptable than censorship in a government like our own.

so is amnesty international on a bid to save australia now? are they going to come parading in with their yellow (or white?) bricks and ask us to email google to tell them to stop this? are they going to rally support from essentially clueless people who just follow and pretend they have a social conscience, just like they did last time? or maybe, they won’t, because we’re not a communist country; we’re a predominantly white country, which means our censorship is more moral.

funny, isn’t it?

    • Garmon
    • November 14th, 2008

    woo you go girl
    with you all the way on the conformist faggot attitude
    but still have no idea about that shit
    you should go protest
    like the angry housewife you are

  1. angry housewife?

    this isn’t women’s lib, garmon 🙂

  2. what a fully angry blog
    but its pro

    • TW
    • November 15th, 2008

    I can’t say I fully know what’s going on with China or Australia on these issues, but I am against censorship to a degree. There’s few boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed.

    But it is the internet, and there’s always other ways to get around censorship to get what you want. If anything, the government censoring the internet only makes it harder to access what you want.

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