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soundtrack: nothing in particular // thoughts: about stupid old people

today i went to the post office, and i don’t know my way around that area and when i had to catch the bus i didn’t know which side of the street to catch it from. so i asked this woman that was waiting for the bus if the side of the street was the city direction, and she says yes. so i wait for the bus. and then i think about it, and look up the street, and a strand of doubt pulled at my mind. it didn’t seem right. i drew a map in my mind, and tried to figure out where each direction led to. and i kept thinking it was the other side. so i stood at the edge of the road and watched the other side, just in case the woman was wrong. i even edged to the bus stop on the other side of the street, which was a couple of metres away horizontally too.

and guess what? THE CITY BUS WAS ON THE OTHER SIDE. when i saw it approaching i had to run through the traffic to catch it. i almost missed it, but the driver was nice and let me on.


i’m sure i spoke very clearly, and i’m sure she said yes. WHY THE FUCK would you lie to someone like that? she obviously knew which direction the bus was going in, because she was catching it. seriously, what was her fucking problem? i was SO ANGRY. THIS is why i hate old people. a few days ago, this old couple had some conversation with a bus driver that left us stationary for literally five minutes; you could tell that everyone was getting frustrated, but they just wouldn’t move. and the driver isn’t allowed to start driving until old people get to their seats, because they might fall over or something. a while ago i saw this old woman push another old man over because his bag was in her face while she was sitting down on the bus.

far out. just because they’re old, it doesn’t mean they are priviliged in every way possible. there are still other people in the world; there are still other people on the bus.

actually, the bus is the only time i come in contact with old people. my grandparents are in china and i never really need to be around them, and other old people don’t really affect me. just these ones. they make me REALLY ANGRY.

man, why isn’t there an expiry date on humans? think it through before you tell me i’m a bitch; it would make everything so much better.

    • Nicole
    • November 5th, 2008

    It’s cause they have nothing better to do and they need to get their kicks somehow?

  1. pftt girls and their lack of direction =)

    • jwang
    • November 6th, 2008

    zomg old people on buses
    i was catching the bus today and this pensioner woman wasnt even that old and could walk/talk/sit/bend down fine
    and she was fumbling with her bag, then her fugly little purse thing fell to the floor, it landed right next to her foot
    so she looked at it, and then looked at me (i was sitting next to her but on the window seat at the other side of the aisle)
    and waited for me to pick it up

    but i didnt of course, i would have if she was actually frail and didnt have a bitch face but instead
    i looked back at her

    so then she mumbled/grumbled/old-person-sounded
    and picked it up herself and proceeded to throw dirtys at me and shake her head


    i kept looking at her and then she got uncomfortable and looked away


    • jwang
    • November 6th, 2008

    YAY i finished!!!!

    and did you ever end up going museum of contemporary art?? wanna go sometime soon? Yinka Shonibare is exhibiting =D

  2. A ‘Hi’ firstofall…

    Hey lizi, its not that all old people are like that. It’s unfortunate that you had this kind of bitter experience. And yeah, privileges for the old are given (and must be given) since they are not physically fully fit to compete us. Hope you understand. It’s the same kind of privilege that we give to the physically challenged people.
    Is there anywhere you have mentioned about yourself in this blog??

    Will get back 🙂 Bye for now


    • darkcloudv2
    • November 7th, 2008

    Ever wanted to punch someone in the head for walking too slowing in front of you?
    I have =D

    • tw
    • November 8th, 2008

    Some of the elderly are just so senile. Your post made me laugh — A while back I wrote an entry, fuming about old people on the road. I’ve lost count on how many times I had to swerve so that some old person doesn’t slam into my side due to their wreckless driving. Then of course they yell the obscenities at me.

    Be glad the old folks you encounter aren’t putting your life at stake; though they definitely sound like jerk-offs. Oh, what a world we live in: us complaining about the old instead of vice versa.

    • gentledove
    • November 13th, 2008

    If you guys are like this now when you are young….

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