surrender .

everyone is here. anyone else would be happy, ecstatic, euphoric even, to have so many surrounding them. they all beam at her, speaking quickly and excitedly about anything and everything.

she just sits, at the centre of her own world, looking at them all.

they make up a beautiful combination; different colours, feelings, thoughts and ideas. everybody is different, but similar enough to be able to share their lives. they are all a part of each other. they are all a part of her.

and the world is lovely from the outside. it’s sometimes lovely from the inside. an intricate weave of different people, unique personalities, compassionate hearts. pulled together to make something real; something worth being a part of.

but she gazes at them blankly, not realising the wonders they hold. or maybe she has realised enough. she just watches, but doesn’t take in anything that she sees.

nobody realises; they just talk, smile and move on.

it would be great to be a part of a world like this, she thinks. and somewhere in her mind she knows that she is.

but somewhere else, pushed right to the back of her mind she also knows something else.

she doesn’t want to be here.

    • darkcloudv2
    • October 30th, 2008

    nice story
    but its more of an extract, dont you think

    and looks like you decided to blog today after all
    top draw!

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