what . the . fuck .

soundtrack: grand staff; only human // thoughts: ohhhhfuck.

if you don’t watch the news, CLICK HERE. yes, it does seem that i’ve been reading many news articles lately. that news article is written quite terribly, really, and it has fobby message excerpts from facebook: “kkk… my honey… luv u… kkk.” definitely newsworthy stuff. damn those fobs and the image they’ve created.

my dad was telling me about it on the way home from dinner, which was a little awkward with the naked and sex stuff, but still it was rather terrible. in fact, i live about a 4-5 minutes drive from this place, but even if i didn’t, i’d find it extremely frightening.

i mean, what kind of sick person would do that? GET YOUR OWN BLOODY SEX FOR FUCKS SAKE. OR WATCH PORN. WHY ISN’T YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR HAND ENOUGH FOR YOU? do you really need to experience it live? do you need to make people die? (incidentally, the article doesn’t say how they fell off the balcony. were they having sex on the balcony? did the guy make them have sex on the balcony? that bit i don’t really understand). but that shit is fucked up.

the college, taylors, which the girl went to, is the local rich fob school. international students come and pay a lot of money to go there. when i get to school late in the morning there are busloads of fobs that get off at waterloo to go to that college. i had friends of friends there once too, but i’m not friends with those people anymore. it’s actually a really nice place; i drive past it a lot and it looks really cool. and shit. i’m not living in waterloo anymore. i was considering it, because it’s near city and cheap, but that idea is going down the drain.

anyway, on a lighter note, liz has $30 myer vouchers, if you spend $100. they expire on the second of november, before my exams finish. who’s interested?

OH and by the way, stuff you to all the people that told me the extension english exam was in the afternoon, and made me doubt myself. IT’S IN THE MORNING. HA.

    • darkcloudv2
    • October 29th, 2008

    That is really screwed up. First off, the guy somehow got into an apartment building and then went to that specific couple and held them at knifepoint to watch them fuck each other.

    And they didn’t even catch the guy yet.

    What is this world coming to…
    There is no justice in this world =/

  1. saddening.really.

    • jwang
    • October 29th, 2008

    yeah well its fucked up
    but like theres one bad guy with one knife but two good guys so like go opposite sides of the room? he can only be at one place at a time
    and apparently he made then jump off afterwards

    but i guess its never that simple, i watch too many movies

    3U was what. the. fuck. as well =[

    • jwang
    • October 29th, 2008

    im really bored and im also gonna be really poor soon
    when are we gonna do markets?

    and good luck with ext 1, not that you need it

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