attributes of this disgusting world .

things that annoy me;

# hsc. it is gay. but almost over.

# america. (huge rant about the evils of capitalism and fat people removed for the sake of a short list)

# my mother. that woman never has anything nice to say to anyone. she also never thinks about what she’s saying, which makes her seem really dumb. she also learns everything she knows from current affairs shows (see next point).

# current affairs shows. biggest piece of unnewsworthy crap in the whole world. spreads the wrong kind of message about anything and everything, and gives dumb old people stupid ideas.

# dumb old people. and dumb people in general. not academically; dumb people are those that are unable to construct or sustain intelligent conversations with others. old people are able to sustain “intelligent” “conversations” with themselves.

# ignorance and conceit. not understanding is not embarrassing. not understanding and pretending/thinking that you do is.

# the mainstream media’s creation of society’s values. why can’t we have our own values, and not be influenced by money hungry industries that portray things to their own benefit?

# people who are not going to vote for barrack obama because he’s black (there is a poll showing that many people have this train of thought. republican rallies promote this idea. kinda like nazi rallies, no?)

# people with no social conscience that don’t care about having a social conscience. the ones that live in a world where only they matter, and nothing like poverty/aids/other peoples problems are given a second thought unless they’re personally involved.

# evangelists. fuck. believe what you want. no one else cares.

  1. somehow i’m sure you can just continue that list forever and forever =P haha just cause one thing leads to another

    but i can’t admit i am perfectly off your list too =.=”” oh wells =)

    • darkcloudv2
    • October 27th, 2008

    not on the list-

    i agree with most of those
    evangelists cannot be more annoying than teenyboppers

  2. i hate evangelists more.

    • jwang
    • October 28th, 2008

    i understand everything
    current affair shows are halarious
    social conscience? hmmm yes and no

    but its ok
    you still love me

  3. Yup, HSC is pretty shit, although I wouldn’t say it’s homosexual =P
    I slogged it, put so many hours in to my work, but because most of my subjects were art based, my marks were scaled down, thus producing a very average UAI. But don’t fret, it hasn’t counted towards anything anyway, there’s always a different route you can take to what you want to do in the future.

    And yeah, current affairs shows are rubbish rubbish rubbish, but they provide humor in their predictability with camera angles, footage of re-enactments and ending the story with “let’s hope commonsense prevails.”

  4. the mainstream media’s creation of society’s values is what burns me the most my values are mine not that of Time Warner!

  5. hey lizi- you’re more socially conscious then you let on in the forums 😛

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