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man my tag cloud makes me look like a nerd. but please, listen to me explain!

i started tagging yesterday, and i found that my blogs are all about the most random shit ever. i currently have eight pages of tags, which is more than 200 tags altogether. it’s because i always find something different to write about, and the really big ones are the constants in my life; therefore hsc, study, etc have more posts to them. it’s really not because i’m a nerd or anything. honestly.

so i finish in ten days, which really isn’t that long considering the amount of time it took from “ten days til hsc” to english paper one. i know i’ve already made a list of things i want to do, but the list keeps growing in my head. i plan out which day to do what, and what order my tasks should go in, and then i realise; i have three and a half months to do them. and shit, that’s a long time. knowing me, i’ll probably get sick of my holidays eventually. this is why they should move more time between the end of school and the beginning of hsc. it just makes so much sense. but i guess the good thing is that even if you think you’ll fail, you have two months to get over it, and by the time you get your results you’ve probably forgotten where you went wrong. or is that a bad thing?

oh and by the way guys, i’m celebrating 100+ views in a day! yesterday and the day before i’ve had 116 and 125 views, respectively, and my averages are at 47 per day! (which isn’t great compared to some, but fantastic to me).

so thanks to all my friends, and all you procrastinators out there. you really made my day(s) =]

    • darkcloudv2
    • October 24th, 2008

    stop wordpress whoring

  1. haha it’s all just future! change! life! school! hsc! procrastination! aka THIS =)

    • jwang
    • October 25th, 2008

    LOL ive got shitloads to do after hsc
    i finally get out of jail =D

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