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i think explosm has fucked up my sense of humour. like, a lot. i find a lot of retarded and disturbing things funny, and i’m not sure if this is a good thing. apart from reading the comics (the link is situated at the bottom right hand corner, above the garmons. proceed if you wish, but be aware that you may be offended or disgusted by its content. explosm humour takes a little getting used to) i also read the forums once in a while. and i have to say, they’re quite crude, rude, disturbing and sometimes offensive. but always incredibly hilarious.

due to fear of failing my hsc, and being flamed as a noob, i have not registered to post in these forums for a little over a year. it’s probably for the best; i’ve realised that my sense of humour has begun to deviate from the accepted norm. i laugh at shockingly absurd punchlines (but thankfully still not lucy’s bucket jokes).

anyway time to whine now. please disreguard the rest of this post if you don’t want to listen to my bitch.

my mum fucking picked a fight with me this morning, while i was still sleepy and getting out of bed, and i was like no, you can NOT do this to me TODAY of all fucking days. i mean fuck, i wanted to start the day well, you know? i wanted to feel good, and go to school happy and calm. unfortunately this seems impossible in this house. i tried extremely hard not to answer back, but that insults my pride. so i didn’t have a very good morning.

english paper was okay. it wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible. but please don’t quote me on that just in case i end up getting a band two or something. personally i think the system is more flawed than my knowledge. it took an absurdly long time to get our wallets and phones out of the boxes because THEY SWITCHED THE ORDER OF THE BOXES AROUND. i mean, seriously, could you be smarter?

okay, end of my bitch. enough fuming for the day.

    • darkcloudv2
    • October 18th, 2008

    reading mgcomics
    theyre about as fucked up as you can get =D

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