it`s all natural .

soundtrack: lizi eating fruit salad // thoughts: about organic stuff

my parents bought me this pack of biscuits because they think too many tim tams aren’t good for me. the packaging says “d’lush; the most luscious gluten free peppermint biscuit made with natural peppermint oil.” well no shit, and i bet it’s the only gluten free peppermint biscuit made with natural peppermint oil. i haven’t eaten it yet, out of spite because i am siding with my tim tams. arnotts has my support, now and forevermore. i mean, who eats organic foods anyway? hippies and old people who want to live longer, that’s who.

speaking of which, my dad turned 50 today. i never really saw my parents as old, probably because they’re the one constant in my life, but i’ve got to say, 50 is pretty damn old. and my parents both look pretty old too, which is crazy because there are people that live to double their age. i mean, fuck 100? why the fuck in fucking fuck would you want to live to 100? its like asking to be ugly and wrinkly and immobile and fragile and disease ridden and blind and senseless and humourless and cranky about the way the world is. its also asking for people to hate you, and then feel guilty that they do, simply because you’re old and will probably kick the bucket at any given time.

sticking around for that long is just not fun. and if you have to be healthy and give up tim tams to do it, which part of it makes it worthwhile?

i don’t think anyone thinks this through. they’re just scared that one day they’ll accidentally not wake up because of the heart attack they suffered that was a long term product of their disgusting habit of eating a greasy bacon and egg mcmuffin every morning and then smoking their lungs out.

this healthy frenzy is kind of crazy. they engineer chemicals and laws so we can return to our natural state, apparently, and not live with chemicals and bioengineered strawberries (which are the best because they’re massive and juicy, unlike the kiwi fruit i just took a bite of).

but we’re already quite far from our natural state. i mean, when did god ever mean for us to live for 100 years? i’m sure that he created us originally so we could die off, with no problems like overpopulation, dwindling resources and economic downturns. and why not just live a short life span like the cave men did and enjoy it? not like you can do much when you’re in your 90s anyway.

so you know what; save the world. kill yourself.

or just spread the idea.

    • darkcloudv2
    • October 14th, 2008

    just so you know
    no one really lives to 100 anyway
    and no one wants to either
    so you basically just bit a huge chunk out of an overdue sandwich
    you lose la
    dont feel bad

    • lizii
    • October 14th, 2008

    many, many people want to live to 100, and in fact beyond.
    expand your horizons =]

    • darkcloudv2
    • October 15th, 2008

    omg first comment by you ever! (on your own blog)

    • darkcloudv2
    • October 15th, 2008

    and my horizons are so expanded I can see the beaches from neighbouring countries

  1. hey lizzz!! just dropping by, coz lucy linked me ahha

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