men are from mars .

soundtrack: beyonce; if i were a boy // thoughts: if…?

i heard this song on the radio on the way home in lucy’s car (because we listen to 2UE in my car). when i got home i was extremely upset that my limewire had stopped functioning, and i made garmon download it for me. he thought it was a horrible song, naturally, but i love it. i don’t really know why; i haven’t listened to mainstream music in so long, and it’s hard for me to get into this stuff, but i really like it. maybe it’s the lyrics…

i think they’re so true though. not like all the destroying stuff, but i think men in general don’t understand.

so i’m going to have a big bitch about men, because that’s what women do. and at the risk of being labled an angry lesbian. i’m so brave. but just so you know, i’m not angry, or a lesbian.

there’s that saying that goes something like “to be with a man you must understand him a lot and love him little. to be with a woman you must understand her little and love her a lot.” so true. and what’s worse (or maybe not) is that men don’t want to understand. you have all those commercials on tv where the chick starts going on about her period or “love and committment” and the guy runs away. and then there’s the libra one where the guy is buying tampons. fuck i hate that ad. sure it’s a stereotype, but stereotypes always stem from something, sometimes even the truth.

all these shows about “what women want” and the eternal chase for how to please women, how to get women, they’re all redundant. the truth is, anyone can find out what a woman wants. it takes one easy step. it’s called listening. i mean, sure they hide their thoughts sometimes, and pretend they’re not angry at you when they really are, but if you took a few seconds to discern her tone, or pick out the differences in her body language, you may realise that she’s not saying “okay, i’ll get the door,” but “fuck you, you’re a dick.” it’s that simple. really. the hard part isn’t even the understanding.

things are only a mystery for as long as you want them to be. but i guess when they’re a mystery, they’re more interesting.

    • darkcloudv2
    • October 14th, 2008

    im not gonna say i know everything about women
    i know some things
    like shit im not supposed to know
    like bangles, hoops and clutches
    but one thing i do know is that
    men do listen (occasionally)
    but the matter of the fact is
    we wont ever understand
    we can never understand how it’s like to have a period
    or how we have to deal with other women that are two-faced or whatnot
    or even what it’s like to deal with men that just want to fuck you and then leave you

    we’re doing pretty well considering just how different a species we really are
    you just gotta get over that shit sometimes
    unfortunately for me
    i dont think ill ever get to a point where i love someone..

    anyways….time to write a sexist song called ‘if i were a girl’

    • Lucy
    • November 3rd, 2008

    Hey. My name’s in this. I’m mentioned. WOop woop wopwopwowpwowwwopoop!
    Hey. I sound retarded wop wop woopppp wooooooopwopwopwop!!

    haha. xoxo Lucy.
    Hey liz, if i were a boy ;);)

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