a little longer .

she looks out the window, and thinks of all the things she shouldn’t think of. she wonders; will it be okay when it’s all over? and the what ifs come to mind. what if it won’t be okay? what if it’s unfixable, even in the aftermath? what if…

she can’t find a way out; there is no way out. not everyone can get what they want all of the time. a frustrating feeling, because she wants so much. and they’re all unattainable. and which one should she work for? which one should she keep? and what if she can’t keep them all?…

but it should all be over in a matter of weeks. she tries to assure herself; it will be okay. a few weeks will pass so quickly, you won’t even notice. weeks… some people wouldn’t even understand.

but there’s no point in wishing for understanding; just acceptance.

so she just hopes that he won’t mind waiting for a little longer.

    • darkcloudv2
    • October 10th, 2008

    to me
    your stories correlate with your life

    (did i use it right this time?)

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