capricorn .

soundtrack: jay chou; capricorn (all) // thoughts: lalalalala~~

jay chou’s new album is freaking awesome. i’ll buy a copy when i’m in china. i love it. it’s rare to like so many tracks on one album, but i’ve found that i like practically all of them. minus like, two.

so it’s holidays and its crashing with lightning and thunder outside. it’s also friday night, but it doesn’t feel like friday night. it doesn’t even feel like friday. even more, it doesn’t feel like it will be saturday tomorrow. this dreary existence. it’s all the same…

i keep telling myself it will be all over soon, but it isn’t soon enough. i still find myself looking up DS games to download and LV bags to buy. i know i should be focusing on the task at hand, but what’s beyond the HSC is the only thing that’s keeping me going. fuck i’m going to buy everything my eyes fancy after november the third. no one is going to stop me. i have my credit card. the thought itself is…

on the bright side, i found my formal dress. it was $28.90. and i am not kidding. okay, so it was a few dollars off my $20 budget, but you don’t understand how hard it was. and i still bought one that was in the twenties, so that has to count, doesn’t it? i feel triumphant. also, please take this into consideration if i look like shit at my formal. but i don’t care (right now), because i quite like the dress. SO THERE to all those people that thought i couldn’t do it. HA.

and now that this one last thing is complete, i feel like i’ve fulfiled my promises. i won (kind of), but i don’t expect anything from you.

now i can move on.

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