one day .

soundtrack: rihanna; cry // thoughts: about one day

i turned 18 and graduated today. it’s also the first time i’ve blogged three days in a row. how momentous.

i spent my birthday graduating, avoiding photographs, walking around wbj with lucy and cleaning my room. don’t feel sorry for me; i wanted to do every single one of these things more than anything else i could have been doing, except maybe going to star city and getting my $20 of free pokies money. my now clean room (although i haven’t vacuumed yet) is extremely comforting, and i feel like i’ve almost made a new beginning. all i need now is maths homework…

it doesn’t feel any different, though. i’m still unmotivated and slightly lethargic. the massive step of maturity my mother hoped for didn’t happen, but then again she’s always expected too much. speaking of my mother, i was actually surprised by the amount of parents / siblings / boyfriends at our graduation today. our quadriangle was literally at maximum capacity, and there were even people standing on the pathway outside the hall. the camera flashes and filming disturbed me more. maybe it’s my aversion from family life, but i never once considered that so many people would want their families there.

personally, i didn’t even show my parents the sheet of paper that invited them to my graduation ceremony. i don’t mind that this meant there were no photos of me on the stage, shaking hands and accepting the folder and the mug which i have already chipped. i didn’t mind that my graduation didn’t get filmed and it will have to live as an inaccurate memory for the rest of my life. i didn’t want my happy event marred by my mother asking me why i didn’t get an award or why i couldn’t play the piano like kathy.

i don’t have family issues. it’s just forward thinking, that’s all.

    • bek
    • September 26th, 2008

    love ya ❤

    • Garmon
    • September 27th, 2008

    most importantly
    did you cry?

    • jwang
    • September 28th, 2008

    yes she did =]
    LOL happy 18th! u should have gone to star city so you can win like 6 bucks and then get so excited when you hear the money coming out of the machine that you scramble to collect all the gold coins and it is only when you get home to inspect your new membership card that you realise you forgot to take it out of the machine ==” sigh

    • jwang
    • September 28th, 2008

    and btw, my dad fully missed me when i was on stage coz apparently he couldnt use the camera properly but he figured it out just in time to film your walk across the stage LOL

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