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many things constantly amaze me. first of all is the wittyness of some in my grade. second of all is the lameness of the rest. i just finished reading the yearbook, and since i haven’t written a bitch blog for a while, i think now is the time.

so first of all i have to comment on how many people mentioned their life dreams in this year 12 yearbook. in 10 years time they want to be settled, married, rich and be popping out babies (most, not all) and taking maternity leave. so realistically, maybe.

but is this all your life aspires to? the AMERICAN DREAM is all a LIE. please don’t contaminate something that could be funny with your unworthy aspirations. also, just because you have a rich husband, a fancy house and kids, doesn’t mean your life will be perfect. why don’t you think about all the holes? the family problems? or did they all get solved just by being rich? i mean, think about it. what if your rich husband has premature ejaculation? wouldn’t like that would you?

so worthless desires aside. i will now prosecute the high aspirations of some in our midst. few, but a notable few, wrote that they would be practicing [insert fantastic profession] in 10 years which i thought slightly pretentious and extremely stupid. granted that you may achieve this dream, but have you ever considered that being a lawyer/doctor/whatever the fuck society thinks is awesome isn’t going to be that easy? your capacity must stretch beyond that of a workaholic. in certain cases you will begin to hate what your life has become. in contrast, you may also never achieve your dreams (one person comes to mind. vividly). imagine looking back upon your high school dreams, after having broadcasted them to everyone, and returned unfulfilled. imagine…

okay the reality is i’m just angry today. i’m just looking for something to bitch about, instead of myself and my life. because even that gets old, after a while.

    • Garmon
    • September 25th, 2008


    and no one likes lawyers
    i think..

    what did you put btw?
    and back to make cranes..

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