simplicity .

soundtrack: dontae; cling // thoughts: of another world

watched wall-e today. it was the most fantastic movie ever, really. even though the underlying messages were extremely obvious (or maybe they were purposefully that way), the effect the movie had on me (and i would think others) was extremely profound. the way the film captured my attention was amazing, especially due to the minimal dialogue. it was adorable, funny and deep at the same time; definitely going in one of my all time favourite movies. EVERYONE, and i mean everyone, needs to watch that movie…

i think that, throughout the movie, my mind related it to blade runner a lot, and in a way it was; dystopic futuristic visions of a possibility that would occur if contemporary society followed alarming trends. but i guess its proof of what they say; different messages conveyed through different mediums by different composers. they’re all effective in their own way.

i’m not sure if wall-e has made me want to recycle, or be a greenie or anything, but the idea has been deeply rooted into my head. but my idea of dystopia is seemingly very different to everyone else. i loved the world state in brave new world and i really don’t mind the idea of buzzing around in a chair and drinking breakfast, lunch and dinner out of a smoothy cup. maybe i’m an idealist. maybe i believe things will work when they (so obviously) won’t.

but what’s so wrong with a simplistic world? what’s so wrong with a world where everyone gives and takes what they need to give and take?

i guess what’s wrong with it is human nature; the seven deadly sins.

we couldn’t have simple even if we wanted to.

  1. I’ve watched the movie but your thought really gave me a perspective. Nice post.

    • Garmon
    • September 21st, 2008

    the world was simple in the edo period
    i think i’ve told you that

    i want to be a cheeseburger

    • Dean
    • September 28th, 2008

    Unfortunately humanity is by nature selfish, and if you leave it up to humans, they’ll keep taking and never give. Thats why there were robots in Walle. Duh.
    But yes, it was a lovely movie, everything you’ve mentioned and more =]

  2. you didn’t even comment on one of the most important themes: the triumph of “love”

    lol re: buzzing around in a chair drinking smoothies…i think a lot of us already do that ^_^

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