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 soundtrack: taj monroe; outrun the rain // thoughts: never seem to change

so tired. kinda angry, but mostly too tired to be angry. too tired to be anything.

trivia night was good, even though the questions were extremely racist. all the freaking white people questions; obviously the white chicks won. but whatever, i had a good time. photos are here. there was a lot of cheating, a lot of interneting and a lot of pizza. also probably a lot of frustration on the prefects’ parts. i would have been so pissed if i was any of them. i scoff at their responsibility. and admire their capacity for it…

school is getting pointless, everyone is going crazy (the jumping up and down and shaking their heads kind of crazy) and i don’t feel any of it. i’m just tired. there is nothing in my life but sleeping. funny, i once thought sleeping was a waste of life. but i guess that’s what i’m doing; wasting life.

i read this thing once where people put down all the things they live for. it turned out pretty funny because most people couldn’t list that many thing (or maybe they just didn’t want to so they could seem emo and suicidal), but the list was quite short. i’m not going to list all the things i live for, for two reasons; 1. i’m scared i won’t find anything and 2. i wouldn’t be very honest about it anyway.

it just got me wondering, that’s all.

    • Garmon
    • September 19th, 2008

    ohh lets try this;

    I live:
    1. for the people who care
    2. to make beautiful beautiful music
    3. to make aggressive/sweet love
    4. to make a difference in as many peoples’ lives as possible
    5. to make people smile and laugh
    6. because dying isn’t as nice as living
    7. because i’m interested in what life will throw at me and what the future holds for me

    i shall stop at 7
    because its a lucky number
    and i’ve had crap luck lately
    and because i ALMOST crossed a black cat’s path

    see you, 88

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