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 soundtrack: gary; 数到五答应我 // thoughts: of losing

spent a while with my dad in the car today because we were driving to city for dinner. talked about some news which eventually led to him telling me a story. my dad always tells me stories, sometimes they’re good, and sometimes they’re crap, but it’s interesting. this particular story was about these brothers, who were always very mischievous when they were little. as they grew older, the younger brother remained the same, but the eldest, upon returning from the army, had completely matured. the details of the story are unnecessary; the main point is that one day the younger brother was driving them both somewhere on his motorcycle. being the bad boy he was, he swerved to overtake a bus…

into an oncoming truck. they both died.

so my dad and i were discussing the horrors of losing a child. i was quite distraught at the story, but it also made me wonder; isn’t every parent prepared to lose their child? i mean, not necessarily in that way, but they know they have to let go of their kids eventually, right?

i, for one, plan to never talk to my mother after i leave this house. she’s not coming to my wedding (if i happen to find a man stupid enough to want to marry me), and she isn’t going to see my children (if i get over the horrors of childbirth and end up having some). i know it seems harsh, but you just don’t know my mother. if i wanted to prove how much of a cow she is, this blog would go on forever. but since i don’t particularly want to rant about her, or think about her in general, i’ll just leave it at that.

but yeah. i think, when you bring kids into this world, you have to be prepared for everything, especially losing them. i’m sure every parent has this in mind, and wouldn’t like it to happen, but they would have to accept it eventually.

nothing can be a part of you forever.

    • jwang
    • September 11th, 2008

    it actually looks like u have boobs =P
    LOL i didnt know where to put random comments so i put it here

    • lizii
    • September 11th, 2008

    they’re real okayy

    • jwang
    • September 13th, 2008

    maybe its actually not u
    hence we cant see ur face LOL

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