neverland .

 soundtrack: matt palmer; that way // thoughts: “so give me a sign…”

i watched finding neverland today and cried my fucking eyes out. i don’t think there was anything extremely sad about the movie, but the whole idea of it, the characters, the situation and the movie in general just depressed me for some reason. i still haven’t really recovered. awesome movie though. but then, i usually like sad and profound movies better than the stupid happy ones. good romantic comedies are an exception…

apart from that sadness, i’m feeling a little confused. at my life. nothing really makes sense at the moment, except for school. at least i know what i want from school; what i hope to achieve through it. everything else is just a mess, which is the complete opposite of how it usually is. i’ve got this shitty headache that surprises me every few minutes and then goes away, and there’s a whole list of things i have to do tonight, but i’m still online doing nothing. my eyes are tired from crying (due to the movie) but i’m still reading novels online. i’m hopeless.

    • Garmon
    • September 7th, 2008

    i cant imagine you crying.
    and reading online novels is baad
    reading anything that’s bigger than 800kb online is bad

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