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soundtrack: love split love; how soon is now // thoughts: now?

new header. suits me, don’t you think?

actually, i think my wordpress is a lot less emo than any other blog i’ve kept. i’ve deleted my past msn spaces, blogs and bebo, so i can’t confirm it, but it’s definitely less sad and grey and depressing than the msn space i have now (which i only use for photos). i was never really an emo; there’s just nothing to write about when one is happy.

i tried to write a happy poem once. i think i still owe jerry one…

from like two years ago. shit.

it just doesn’t work. all poems that have some sort of happiness are about love. no one writes about the happiness of their daily lives, or the wonders of their middle aged teacher trying to feed them information so they can pass their torturous exams. if they were to use these subjects, they would bring out something sinister and macabre, or at least confronting. that can’t be achieved with happiness. even limericks, which are funny and kind of happy, usually contain some form of social commentary (the good ones, at least), sadistic humour, or something completely unexpected. shallow children that have just been taught how to rhyme are the only ones that would write a happy poem about nothing. and that nothingness is pointless. it defeats the point of poetry. it defeats the point of expression.

i guess if you were to express intense happiness/satisfaction/something you could write about it. but i don’t think it would ever be meaningful, especially if it was focused on happiness itself. picture it. how could happiness have a profound effect on you if it wasn’t contrasted to former devastation?

it can’t.

so actually, i’m just a really deep person. (lol)

    • Garmon
    • September 4th, 2008

    dear dear me, you think poetry means nothing?
    that expression is not seen, unless through ultimately suffering?

    • Garmon
    • September 4th, 2008

    (fuck i keep forgetting to write shit!)

    this is the best header ever

    • Nicole
    • September 6th, 2008

    No happy poems? Wordsworth. The Daffodils. Enough said. And you’re not an emo person…at all.

  1. “there’s just nothing to write about when one is happy”

    i think theres a lot of truth in that. when i wasn’t happy i wrote poetry/stories/reflections daily.
    when i was relatively more happy i found creative writing to be a strain…

    “how could happiness have a profound effect on you if it wasn’t contrasted to former devastation”

    spot on. whole yin-yang deal…

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