incredible .

soundtrack: taj monroe; guilty innocence // thoughts: of now and forever

everything’s pretty dull now. there’s not much school left. i never thought it would be so fast. now the season that seemed incredible has come. it’s true. except this is the beginning, not the end. where do we go from here?

i think i’ll look forward to a reunion, years down the track. it’s unimaginable, how people will turn out. maybe we’ll all meet in twenty years time, and be completely changed people. but hopefully completely changed people that will be able to get along.

or maybe some of us will be the same. you can always recognise a face that you know well, even if it has been changed through time and age, weathered and wrinkled, i believe we’ll still recognise each other. but what about beneath the image? could the quiet people suddenly turn loud? could the crazy people eventually become subdued?

i remember my primary school reunion a while back. the faces were familiar, but the people were strange. they spoke of what had happened in the past, what has happened since and what they plan to happen. quizzically asking, infatuatedly absorbing, and quickly forgetting. that’s all there was. so due to the fact that i was a loser in primary school and didn’t have friends, i was able to watch and understand. it was just a novelty, meeting the friends from the past. they’ve all moved on.

maybe that’s what everyone does.

maybe i will too.

    • Garmon
    • August 29th, 2008

    separation anxiety?
    hits us all in the face sooner or later.

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