in motion .

soundtrack: mario; my story // thoughts: “if they only heard my story”

click —> for photos of mel’s party and amy’s party

as usual, there are not any photos of me. bek got some, i think, but i don’t have a facebook and am therefore unable to access them. i am also not bothered to create a facebook, and therefore will remain unable to access any photos. however, from looking on on other’s facebooks, i have found that there are quite a few photos of me floating around on the internet. but apparently you can’t delete them if they’re tagged anyway, so i can’t be missing out on too much.

so what’s been happening…

i’ve been sleeping. A LOT. watched like five movies, two of them rather creepy, one of them rather crappy. established that i’m not on the prefect mailing list, and have therefore been missing out on their glorious updates all year (oh shame). realisation that nora is extremely hilarious with her “doesn’t that mean you have four parents” and “hummingbirds don’t lay eggs” when we were talking about hummingbird cake. oh man i was crying.

not planning to touch any work for a while. death impends.

i must go find something white to wear.

    • Garmon
    • August 18th, 2008

    sounds like you want to have your photo taken…
    and crying because it was funny?
    and ‘oh man’?
    thats a guys expression
    girls cant use that!

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