breaking dawn .

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trying to stay off msn. writing stories instead. but they never turn out very well, so they get deleted. i put a few more up, just in case you feel like wasting your time. need some new ideas for my crime fiction. also need to study for my three exams coming up this week that i haven’t touched at all. fuck.

i read breaking dawn instead. nicole already told me it was crap, but i just had to read it for myself. it’s like reading the whole harry potter series. even if it’s already spoiled for you, you read it anyway. or people such as myself do. but i am going to my “for reading” list after i finish this post in order to delete the twilight series from my recommended list. that is how bad it was…

i was never one to absolutely love meyer and her twilight series. it was exciting, but only the plot line made it so. her language techniques and expression are only slightly above common standard, and she has no talent as a writer. i acknowledge that her books are popular, but i attribute this solely to the plot of the first three twilight books and all the hopeless romantics out there. stephenie meyer could not have done it without them. ah, to be a fangirl.

and i was almost (but not quite) a fangirl of twilight. the whole concept of forbidden love is exciting, i grant, yet that is definitely not what attracted me to the series. what pulled me in was the intense love triangle between bella, edward and jacob. of course, i am not as perfect as bella, nor as clumsy, but the way meyer portrayed her character’s relationships with the two most important people in her life (apart from family) hit extremely close to home.

it all died with the last book. i have never liked completely plot driven texts which utilise confusing coincidences to reach their destination. i have this problem with crime fiction, and now i have this problem with breaking dawn. the problem is just that there are so many holes in the ideas that even a conclusion cannot be satisfying. i will not spoil it for you since i’d guess that most of you either haven’t read it or don’t plan to, and if you belong to the latter, it will take too long to explain. i’m just disappointed in something i anticipated since i finished eclipse, a harry potter like feeling once again. i feel that my only solace, my only escape from this world has been so badly chosen. i shall make a better judgement next time.

    • Garmon
    • August 11th, 2008

    staying off msn will only drive you to want it more

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