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 soundtrack: cats yowling outside // thoughts: about the internet

there’s something rivetting about having your own space on the internet. anyone can stumble upon it, take a peek into your life, and then move on, forgetting you ever existed. obviously, you hope to catch their attention by providing extremely interesting stuff in your space, and you live in hope that they’ll return and boost your views. yay for wanting to be popular.

i’m a bit confused as to why people are like this though. why does one write as if everyone in the world could be reading it, and tell of their innermost feelings? do people secretly desire to be understood? or do they just want to rant about their shit?…

i know i’m guilty of all these things, but it doesn’t mean i understand it. i, too, seem to find a stupid sense of pleasure in displaying my coded thoughts and feelings on the internet. but sometimes, once in a while, (i think) we do it because we want someone to know. we want to hint these things that show the complexities of our nature, so not everyone thinks we’re the shallow and superficial people we come off as.

to me, it’s not about understanding. it’s about casting doubt. and feeling interesting. as terrible as that may sound.

    • Garmon
    • August 8th, 2008

    i do it for the memory.

    someday i’d like to come back and read it all when im older. and laugh at how i used to think.

    sometimes i do it just so i can rant.
    but all my rants end in some sort of contradiction. so i can’t really flaunt intelligence. because i don’t really have that much?

    but i guess people post about their lives for different reasons. we all just wanna be heard. whether it’s for ourselves, or for others, we just want to throw in our opinion because we dont have a chance to with our friends?

    p.s. what is yowling?
    i would’ve thought scowling
    but then again i can imagine a yowl
    and its more of a yowl than a scowl
    so yeah. yowling = angry meows? >(o.o)<

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