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i am a communist. not to the point that i’d join a party or anything, because i’m also a realist and i know communism in action is bullshit. but in theory, i believe that if there weren’t any stupid eurocentric capitalist societies where the international companies control everything, the world would be a better place.

communism had a problem; the party became the elite. i envision a world where the elite is only a fraction of a living standard scale above the working class, because i know that human nature means people are going to want to be higher up eventually. but why does being better have to mean pulling others down?

i know everything is relative and all but couldn’t everyone get better together? how can we call ourselves equals when the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?

i believe that people can pass up opportunities, but there are seriously people who don’t have any opportunities because of their environment and nurture. lack of education isn’t anyone’s fault when they don’t want it, but it’s someone’s fault if they can’t have it. i mean seriously, capitalists need to get a social conscience instead of another holiday house. if you pay me, i’ll give you mine. (joke. kinda)

i know the world is never going to be perfect, and all that shit, but i don’t think the multi billionaires realise just how much they could be doing. they could still be sitting in their penthouse with their shiny jaguar parked downstairs and help starving people. more starving people. but they don’t care, because they’ve worked hard to get there and now they want to live it all up. it’s just that they had the opportunity to work for it, while many others don’t. and even if they don’t want to give stuff away for free, they could provide that opportunity for others. not by writing a motivational book and not by giving a lecture on how to invest. by creating something worth more than that. they just have to get off their self centred arse and wonder what it’s like to not have their solid brick walled house with glass window panes and closable doors.

god, if i ever find that rich guy, i’m going to make him care. because you don’t deserve to have money if you’re just going to sit on your leather couch and watch it grow.

    • Garmon
    • July 23rd, 2008

    I wonder what caused you to think about communism =/

    And then wish the world was governed by communism

    I agree about the rich guy part sort of but communism, you know dat ain’t rite nigguh!
    If everyone was of the same value, there would less mutual hatings. You know how it goes.

    There’s an unspoken disliking for rich people. Because they’re rich and they parade around in fancy clothes and they’re snobs. The ‘I don’t want to be around poor people’ because they’re filthy and disgusting. But people don’t openly say that now do they?

    But if everyone was the same, we would need to find something else to hate. And there’d be no need for celebrities anymore, which in turn removes any form of employment for gossip magazines. Which results in no form of idolising. Which means that the world will just be a bunch of sheep. Girls copying other girls in their groups. Guys copying other guys in their groups. There would be no funding for any awesome films. e.g. Batman TDK, (which I still haven’t seen). Need I say more?


    • lizii
    • July 23rd, 2008

    i think if you didn’t idolise someone THEN you can be your own person. therefore not sheep?
    and i’m not saying there shouldn’t be celebrities and awesome films
    i’m not saying everything should be the same; note my “i envision a world where the elite is only a fraction above the middle class”
    i think you got a little carried away
    and people admire rich people. everyone wants to be rich. i don’t think there’s that much dislike, even if they’re snobby. they’re the elite. they’re better than normal people.
    but i wish it could be just a little better, not worlds away.
    p.s. wtf were you doing online at 6am?

    • Garmon
    • July 23rd, 2008

    I slept at 8 the night before.
    And I’m way too tired now to combat your words.
    Although you’d probably be right.
    Now…onto sleepy land

    • Dean
    • July 23rd, 2008

    Sounds like the arguments i have with myself in my head. Unfortunately everyone is NOT born the same. Some are taller, some are smarter, some are prettier etc. and it would take the removal of a very integrated part of humanity – selfishness – to create a society where everyone is equal. However, i do dislike the notion of the ridiculously rich, especially when they take on absolutely pointless money-wasting hobbies such as eating “rare” animals. WTF?! I wont even start to rant about how pathetic that is. There are people who earn enough in a year to run a small city. It’s stupid. And people who get rich through their own hard work i can forgive a little more, but the idiots who inherit money and flaunt it are disgusting, and when they make cuts in their businesses to milk a little more money for themselves, they destroy people’s lives like ticking off numbers on a list.

    Well, if you do find that rich guy i find it hard to believe you wont indulge in your naughty little vices but ill be glad if you can make him care =]

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