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i was just reading some comments about the pilgrims on a forum site i regularly lurk on, and to remain a lurker, i came here to vent my anger. i don’t mean to offend anyone, but FRIGGING HELL YOU WORLD YOUTH DAY PILGRIMS ARE SO FUCKING ANNOYING. if any of you are at a net cafe reading this right now, allow me to explain my frustration.

i know it’s a great event and all, but it just seems like they’re EVERYWHERE I GO. they take up so much space that people are telling me about missing buses and trains because of these unmovable catholic people that are clogging up the frigging city.

i don’t care if they SING jesus songs or whatever. i don’t even care that they WEAR ORANGE AND YELLOW. i just care that it took me ONE WHOLE HOUR to get home from city, and that streets are blocked off so i can’t get anywhere. sure there are more buses and on time public transport. but they either have 10 people per bus (i saw this with my own eyes) or a whole carriage full of these pilgrims putting their luggage on the seats and not letting anyone pass.

yes, great unification of people. yes, fantastic spirits. but that’s only if you think like a catholic. do i need to remind you that the world is NOT all like you? if you were all as great, sympathetic, empathetic and loving as you’re supposed to be, then show some consideration. somebody even mentioned this event as a greater benefit for the country and community. I KNOW it’s a huge benefit to the christian community. but country?

it seems like sydney siders are just whining, but look at this realistically. there haven’t been as many people as were hoped which means it’s taking a lot more out of our economy than it’s putting in, and it’s a lot of inconvenience all for this little old guy that’s going to apologise to people about his henchmen playing with little boys. is that the big picture i’m supposed to support? is that the grand scheme of things that’s meant to make me sacrifice my selfishness?

and the EVANGELISTS. the one thing i hate more than the colour orange. FUCK OFF. if you want to believe in the big guy is up there making the weather nice for your little sleep over so be it. don’t tell me about it. because i don’t fucking care.

and one more thing. anti catholic tshirts are illegal now? what? just for this week?

how fast does ebay deliver?

    • Dean
    • July 16th, 2008

    Hahaha i just remembered how you hate orange. Yeah i was wondering why they were so rowdy and inconsiderate considering they were meant to be pilgrims. Looked more like mass tourists to me. And it doesnt help they travel around in massive packs and completely blocked off one of the footpaths on george street. Just because a commercialised old man in white supports you doesnt mean you can force people to walk into traffic. Oh well, i hope peter doesnt read this haha. Or he’ll rant to you.

    • Garmon
    • July 16th, 2008

    deep down you’re glad wyd happened. gave you something to talk about, something to rant about and something to hate.

    nothing is more painful than a sudden change. why did i chuck in that mad quote for?

    • Garmon
    • July 19th, 2008


    you liked that song enough to put it on your blog. i win. i dont care what you say

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