superman .

soundtrack: five for fighting; superman // thoughts: it’s not easy

boring but basically productive day. wrote a story. my dad just came in and thinks i’m studying very hard. what a joke.

here to bitch about hancock. man that movie was good. except for the ending. it left me totally unsatisfied and almost angry. actually i was pretty angry for a while. it was just one of those horrifically stupid endings that killed all profundity. like click, if you’ve seen it. it was sooooo sad when the guy was dying in the rain. if the movie had ended there, people would have walked away, shocked and appauled, but affected. but because adam sandler woke up and realised it was all a dream, the movie lost its affect, and i consequently no longer remember the name of his character.

for those of you who haven’t seen hancock, it’s about this superhero that drinks a lot and ends up causing mass destruction whilst saving lives. no one likes him because every time he does something good it costs millions of dollars, and in our capitalist world that’s a no-no. and then he saves this guy who’s a little gay and cares about everyone and everything, and he tries to improve hancock’s image by making people miss him while he’s in prison. so after a few hiccups (like shoving a man’s head up another man’s arse) hancock eventually becomes a normal superhero. he thinks he’s the only one left, until he realises the guy’s WIFE is also uber super! biggest shock ever. and it gets better.

the story is that there used to be many superheroes, but they were built in pairs and when they were together and loved each other, they could become mortal, and so the rest of them died, leaving only two; hancock and the guy’s wife, called mary. they lived for thousands of years, fixing up the world and saving each other, but when they were together they always got hurt. so eighty years before now, hancock got bashed and when he woke up he didn’t remember mary, so she went away so they could both be immortal forever.

and then, as history usually repeats itself, they both get shot, and since they’re near each other they don’t start to heal. there is a horrific fight scene where mary dies (but not quite) and hancock uses the last of his strength to get as far away from her as possible so they both start to heal. at this point i’m crying. i think ohmygod. the pain, the heartache. AND THEN it flashes to a month later when he’s a superhero and she’s still with her husband. and i think WHAT THE FUCK. where’s the romance? WHY DON’T THEY DIE FOR LOVE LIKE THE OTHERS DO? since when, in hollywood, was love the redundant theme? i don’t understand.


    • Garmon
    • July 13th, 2008

    disappearing on me like that.

    jason mraz – sleep all day

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