such a mess .

soundtrack: tre; the rain // thoughts: are unstoppable

looking through the mirror of my life, thinking of the time when things were right… is anybody there to hear my cry in lonely nights? need someone to make the darkness turn to light

just got home. meant to be doing du homework but i’m procrastinating. was out all day. i’m tired. i don’t think i’ll do any homework tonight.

seasons come and change, the memories remain… tell me why you left me stranded in the rain…

got driven home in mike’s shiny BMW (giggle). gives me some incentive to get my Ps. but not really. because i don’t have a shiny BMW to drive. damn.

and i know i’ll never see your face again, why did god take away a love and friend? i’m broken and flying without wings… damn i need you here now

big thanks to connie who fed us lots of food. and johnson who made a cake that was pretty awesome.

what i’d give to bring you back into my life, since youre gone i cant seem to make it right… i’m broken and flying without wings

holidays are going to be good, i think. i’m still going to go out, even though carl says i shouldn’t, because i can. i’ll study too. when it comes to it. not tomorrow. that’s for shopping.

    • Garmon
    • July 7th, 2008


    you’re so pro~

    at procrastinating. mwahahaha.

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