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soundtrack: my new rnb // thoughts: of a fantasy world

inspired was fucking awesome. apart from the obvious highlight of the night (shoutout to all my textiles buddies, you were all awesomely hot) the drama performances and dance were pretty awesome too! i’m so glad this was our last year. it was definitely a night to remember.

despite a few technological hiccups, which everyone quickly blamed the blackout for, the show eventually got running. we were all a little shocked at the winners of the challenge, but as it was before the major works, the anticipation overrode all feelings of dissatisfaction, and we all looked on with excitement. everyone was beautiful…

in fact, so much so that people watching cried. we were all so proud to have a friend up there on stage, showcasing their awesome major work. i’m still euphoric, even in this aftermath.

even though i would have liked to continue textiles, i realise that it isn’t as easy as just making a dress/thing. after watching countless breakdowns and hearing people whine about it week after week, i realise the history extension major work i chose was probably more suited to my lethargic personality. even after all the stress and pain, i think everyone can say that overall it was worth it.

so tonight, i’ll end by saying something sentimental. i now fully believe that although this year will be stressful, troublesome, tiring and overall hectic, it will be our best. even though all of us look forward to uni, and all the freedom it brings, our last year in high school will still be one of the most enjoyable, simply because the best moments far outweigh the worst. so cherish, guys. you can only have it for a moment.

    • Garmon
    • July 2nd, 2008

    well aren’t you getting sentimental. ( i think)
    with all your school pride and live on, girls!
    viva la fashion~?

    btw I have no idea what you mean by the numbering is wrong and the only way we’ll discuss it is if you add me

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