somewhere .

i dream of running and falling. i dream of my heart beating so fast it feels like i should be running. like i should have fallen. like i’m somewhere i don’t want to be.

and when i wake up i remember them. i don’t need to drink the other half a glass of water; when my mind seeps back into consciousness all the dreams remain in my mind. all the images are floating around, but they no longer make any sense. how come they made so much sense when i was asleep?…

they say dreams reflect what you think of during the day, and i guess it’s true. but the thoughts are played out into a drama series that’s incomprehensible in real life. they’re magnified, and they grow into unthought of possibilities. posibilities of you and me.

they’re not fantasies, these dreams. just an alternate, ungraspable reality.

and as always, i’m the one who falls.

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