fuming .

soundtrack: benny & ray; everything // thoughts: CHINA PRIDE!!!!!!!!

kind of angry. at all the stupid people who don’t know what they’re fucking on about. okay i lied. i’m pretty angry, and my voice is practically hoarse from shouting. but it’s not what you think.

at school today the amnesty international group had some bullshit “great firewall of china” thing where people go and write their name on a postcard that says “YES I WANT TO END HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS IN CHINA” and post it. that’s not the problem. the problem is that they’re hoping to break the censorship laws in china…

i mean fucking hell. ITS A COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT! and what’s more, PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE COMMUNIST! ITS NOT FUCKING ILLEGAL OKAY! i hate it how the western people impose their western views on everyone because they think western views are the best way to go. history has taught me that eurocentricism is a piece of shit. think cold war.

the irony is that our school computers also have this censorship program. why aren’t we fighting for our own rights, in our wonderful democratic country? hypocritical, much?

that’s not what makes me extremely angry though. what pisses me off more is that people went to sign their names because they could get a FREE YELLOW BRICK. these people don’t even know what they’re joining; they’re only joining because they think it’s cool. like because its so trendy to speak up and have a voice when you don’t know what you’re fighting for. in addition, the people in my grade that were helping the distribution of that shit don’t even care. they just want to do it because IT LOOKS GOOD ON THEIR RESUME. they told me themselves. half of them were asian too. god.

jump on the bandwagon, guys. i hope it crashes.

    • miss z
    • June 28th, 2008

    (long time no see)
    and oh girl. i totally agree!
    well said. those sheep should get some life and brains.

    • jwang
    • June 30th, 2008

    couldnt have said it better myself =]

    • Dean
    • June 30th, 2008

    Kind of reminds me of the pro-tibet rally at Canberra where the some white guy in the tibet group was waving a japanese flag around until someone told him he was meant to be supporting tibet. Then the chinese started handing out drinks to their own supporters and he walked over to get a drink. You can get hired to support rallies like these. But obviously some people just want to sound more knowledgable than they really are. Nice rant, Liz =]

  1. hey liz, long time no see ^_^

    i agree with the bit about people blindly supporting causes– its a bad idea and a bit obnoxious

    however two quick points- just because ignorant people support something, doesn’t make that something any less valid…

    re: the right to communism…i would venture to suggest that many countries are not communist by choice- maybe initially, but not always. there are tons of people in china who hate the government & when they speak out they are incarcerated or killed.

    i think china’s abysmal human rights record (not saying ours is great), kind of co-opts their “right” to rule however they want. it is the people in power who maintain the communist system. my girlfriend used to live in a communist country before they had a revolution, and communism isn’t something the average person is crazy about

    that being said, it is a bit of irony that those folks were protesting china’s censorship without dealing with the censorship right before them…

  2. i used to live in a communist country too, kevin. my parents came here to escape it, but it remains a fact that there are still billions of people who haven’t moved. (i know you can argue that china is turning rather capitalist, but eighteen years ago that wasn’t the case).

    and yes, i agree that people begin to dislike their communist government after the initial stages. it’s disillusionment; everyone suffers it. if western countries didn’t promote the wonders of democracy and the prosperous citizens, and filmed their poverty line citizens instead, we’d suffer it too. it’s also the people in “power” who maintain the democratic system. who funds obama’s election campaign? who didn’t fund hilary clinton’s election campaign enough so she stopped running?

    it’s just that money is powerful in the worlds of you and i; so what’s the difference?

  3. well i suppose you are right in many regards of your analysis. i guess the difference is, i believe that a country that employs a “democratic” system, at least offers the opportunity to transform government without revolution

    in communist systems the policies are laid down by the gov…this happens in the usa too, but at least we do have some degree of control over our legislators…people do get voted out if they aren’t liked…

    re: the funding of obama’s campaign- he raised something like 300 million in individual contributions of less than $100…a significant portion of his campaign revenue…

    i guess the difference at the end of the day is perspective…you seem to believe that there is no hope & all systems are corrupt. i agree that their is corruption in all systems, but i haven’t become 100% jaded yet about the possibility of change although the last 8 years have brought me quite a ways down that road

    i only hope that the american people take advantage of our democratic system and push for progess

  4. all systems are corrupt because all humans are selfish (i think you’ve read my view on that before).

    and i agree that democracy offers the ability to transform government most of the time. but wouldn’t you agree that a revolution would only take place when there is a NEED for change; when a segment of society is unable to withstand the priviliges of the other segments of society, and finds a way to change this? this doesn’t happen in democracy, because (i’m not familiar with america’s voting system so this may not apply) we vote in areas, and if all the poor people lived in one area and didn’t like a party, but rich people lived as a marginal majority in many other areas, take a guess who wins?

    it is just perspective, but it’s perspective fuelled by a small amount of understanding 🙂

  1. November 14th, 2008
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