even though .

soundtrack: repeat: Q; too late // thoughts: of what i can’t seem to hear

imagine waking up some day knowing you made a mistake… and there is nothing you can do, or nothing you can say

english assessment task tomorrow. can’t sleep. no V. recipe for disaster.

and everything you had before… you let it walk through the door… i can feel the rain falling down on me… since you left me i’ve had nothing but rainy days… i can feel the pain… and i know that it sounds silly…

somehow, during the strange course of this year, i have become better at maths, and no longer whine about it as much. i sometimes find myself procrastinating homework for english / english extension through doing maths homework. it’s disgusting. what has this world come to.

all I can do is comtemplate, now I’m sitting here all alone… and I know you probably hate me right now, but tell me are you really happy? if you see me would you walk straight pass me, like we never met at all?

the much anticipated 3unit paper is coming back tomorrow too. it’s like a double whammy of shit that i can’t seem to get away from. i also have history extension until 5. triple whammy. fuck.

would you turn around, so I can see your smile? one last look at your face… would take me back to a place when it was just you & me…  and i know that it sounds silly, but i really…

    • Bek
    • June 15th, 2008

    HAHA your turning into me
    you do maths hw so you dont have to do english LOL
    i tell you.. maths is more awesome =)

    • Dean
    • July 2nd, 2008

    “i have become better at maths, and no longer whine about it as much” .>

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