the wishing well .

there are two fish at the bottom of the wishing well. there’s a platform covered with five cent coins that people have thrown over their backs in a stupid human condition called hope.

the fish always play a game of dodge when they see the humans coming. they swim away from the coins to avoid getting hit while they chuckle at each other, attempting to guess what the humans are wishing for. they’ve established that most of them wish for the lotto but some wish to become better people. when they come in pairs they fight each other over the telling of their wishes. some of them believe that if they say it out loud it won’t come true. the fish giggle, because they know it won’t come true anyway…

this time, there’s a boy and a girl. they take their coins out and throw them into the well, laughing about the fish in the well. the fish laugh too, stupid humans.

they linger for a moment, deciding whether to tell the other person what they wished for. the fish strain to hear, moving closer.

‘he wants to be smarter and she wants to win the lotto,’ the first fish says.

‘i disagree. he wants a lot more than to be smart. and she wants a lot less than to have lots of money. they’re happy, look at the way they smile. nothing so simple could make them happier.’

the second fish is confused. he remains confused as the two happy people walk away. from each other.

    • Jason
    • October 26th, 2008

    Dammit – this is the only story i dont get – im the second fish 😦

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