space oddessy .

 soundtrack: easier said than done; danny fernandez // thoughts: like an obsession

i think if the environment we live in is meant to symbolise our life, mine would be down in the dumps somewhere. seriously, my room is a freaking mess. you can’t walk from one side to the other without stepping on something apart from the floor, and there is no space to sit or work on (even though i have a chair, a couch and two tables). there are plastic water bottles everywhere because i aimed to recycle them but never took them out, and on top of all that are all the bundles of paper and work that i’m supposed to do…

i blame it on the maths textbooks; they’re taking up all the space.

but hey, at least i have tim tams.

i’ve mastered the idea of an ironic afterthought, don’t you think?

anyways, my problem is, evidently, that i don’t have enough space. and it’s not even singular.

apart from the problems duly exhibited in bladerunner (yes i’m still thinking about that movie), i’ve come across many other important issues. for example, hitler’s reason for invading countries was that he believed the germans were uber and should have more living space than anyone else. solution; kill the other people and take over their space, of course. it’s the biggest issue because we can’t expand it, even with our highly sophisticated technology; only move higher and higher away from the nature in an attempt to accommodate our needs.

yet i don’t think i’d care about nature if i had a highrise for all my stuff and a nice robot to keep it all in place.

    • Garmon
    • May 30th, 2008

    1. stop referring to mainstream novels/films

    2. have you done that ‘tell people they’re fat’ thing yet? if not, do it.

    • Dean
    • July 2nd, 2008

    Lol seems like the BOS actually chose a text that makes people think for a change. “solution; kill the other people and take over their space” + “i blame it on the maths textbooks; they’re taking up all the space.” You know what to do now dont you? =]

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