fools .

she tosses and turns, like a log rolling down a waterfall, the hotness of the room drowning her in her bed. a myriad of thoughts rush through her head, keeping her from the sleep she longs for. the sheep escape from her mind, making way for the thoughts that are keeping her awake. every time they cross her mind, her heart beats faster and she rolls over in frustration. fuck. better get V tomorrow morning.

when laying awake at this time of the night, she keeps her eyes closed just in case. in case of what, she doesn’t know, but there has to be something unpleasant out there, lurking in the dark. she buries herself in the blankets, comforted by the suffocating feeling. it’s safe. if there’s any danger, at least it’s not from an outside factor. at least it’s from herself…

the floor opens up, throwing the bed and her blankets down into the abyss. entangled in her own trap, she can hardly move, and succumbs to the falling. it goes deeper and faster, until the force of gravity levitates her slightly, so she is no longer supported by the bed. and for a moment there’s a peaceful serenity. she doesn’t think of all the things that have gone wrong, or all the things that hurt. she thinks of nothing.

but then the alarm goes off, signalling another school day.

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