some things i think and know

facts and conclusions from musings of a procrastinating mind

# we are not desensitised to things because of the internet; we’re more learned

# blogging makes me happy, maths does not; therefore i should blog more and do maths less?

# my ideal job is a novel critic, but no one wants to hear my biased bullshit, so i’ll just have to settle for something else

# people who can draw are extremely interesting to me

# the enigmatic guy isn’t as appealing anymore

# i never get period pain

# my parents donated $500 out of their goodwill to earthquake victims

# brave new world has a perfect society; i don’t understand why people call it a dystopic novel

# if everyone was happy, what would happy be?

# i dance in the shower to the music i hear in my mind

# i am going to fail my maths exam if i don’t go and study now

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