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i have been shocked by the amount of compassion the asian community has shown for those involved in the earthquake. not that i believe they don’t deserve it, just that i’ve never realised asians had so much compassion to spare. industrialisation and everything, you know? it dehumanises us.

this thought occurred to me when my sweet and loving mother said she felt sorry for these people and ran upstairs to borrow money from me so she could donate to such a worthy cause. now don’t get me wrong; i’m all for charity (i always buy the soft toy when they’re selling merchandise, consequently ending up with 2 bees, 3 daffodil bears and 3 red nose bears pearched up on my bookcase) but since when did chinese people donate to anything?! and…

how will it get to the earthquake victims?

so i have no faith in asian people, sue me. it’s just that out of the two i’ve lived with my whole life, one has never cared about others outside their own little circle and has a very narrow minded way of thinking, and the other cannot express their care. in addition, my extended family is more self centred than my immediate family, and the ideas i have of the general asian population isn’t different to the earth population in bladerunner. god that text is getting to my head.

    • Garmon
    • May 21st, 2008

    Truth is I’ve never given a crap about anyone or anything. I’ve never believed in charity. But I donated to the cause. I just felt extremely bad for some reason. I’ve seen all these images and things and there’s no way that can be fake. But I’m still heartless. Might be the first and last charity donation I make. (minus the starlight foundation stuff coz you buy stuff and its not donation)[thought it kind of is]

  1. Honest expression of mind!

    It is just like when you check yourself you believe the reality and if by any chance you happen to visit Asian countries like India where I live you will found how we people react to human causes…

    Happy Blogging!

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