in the grand scheme of things . . .

soundtrack: is on replay // thoughts: keep running in circles

i live in dread of what tomorrow brings.

actually, according to bladerunner (or my english teacher’s interpretation of it), we all live in dread of what tomorrow brings. the uncertainty of life fucks with us all; we are but puny humans in a world which does not need us. it is terrible not to be needed, especially by something you need so much. the constant questions we are left to ponder will never find what we deem to be a satisfactory answer, and we remain drifiting through these different types of confusion for the rest of our lives…

that is, of course, unless you’re unbelievably stupid.

so today, admist all my casual wonderings came a few new questions. the normal questions have all been asked; what is the meaning of life? what happens when we die? will eating this make me fat? etc. i have advanced into a new era. my big question is this: do you grow hair when you’re in a coma? (god, that was major bathos. (lol pun))

maybe, because there is someone that can answer my question, it does not match with the great puzzles of humanity, but it puzzles me nevertheless. yet the insignificance of such a simple question is overwhelmed by all the current events which surround us; the events the media deem newsworthy and report to us; things such as the earthquake.

and although i acknowledge that there are extremely sad things happening on this planet we share, my human instinct can’t help but take over and view these people as completely insignificant in the light of what will happen to my selfish being within the next few days. i have no time nor emotion to spare for others with a fate so horrific compared to my own. but i have time sufficient to write a blog.

re-evaluation of values and character?

maybe. but not yet.

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